Together with illustrator My Buemann, Sofakompagniet asked if we wanted to decorate and illustrate on a Ditte sofa, as part of their marketing strategy.

Here's what the sofa company wrote:

Artists and illustrators, Bine Jo Morten and My Buemann, have over the summer been drawing on  each Ditte sofa, from Sofakompagniet. The result is two beautiful unique art-sofas.

"The collaboration with Bine and My is the first part of a series of creative projects that we start in autumn / winter 2015. We chose to enter into dialogue with Bine and My because we found that they both created incredibly fine universes, through their art - and fortunately they were on the doctor! We support the creative talents and # DemDerTør through a series of efforts, and we do because the art is important to us - and because we know what it's like to be "the little one who is fighting for his place, among many others."

Creative Director and Owner, Cathrine Rudolph.

Thanks to Sofakompagniet - to be allowed to draw on the furnitures!