Illustrations projects

This is some of the illustrative projects i’ve done for several big and small companies, like Sofakompagniet, Experimentarium's, Roys Red and so on. I do illustrations for magazines,
theaterprojects, patches, tshirts for eg. the royal family, and the latest project illustrations for a childerns theater called Woah.

My vision with my illustrations, is that drawing can be used on manydifferent platforms, elements and design objects, such as sofas, mirrors, etc. However, I also love to illustrate the old fashioned way, with original ink from China and on crisp paper. Preferably, my illustrations is about what's under the surface, namely the imperfect and the crazy, all are about to do. Those or those that do not fit in, all that bounces when you scratch a bit on the surface. And like with a dispute of humor.

Feel free to call or write if there are any questions or freelance assignments.

Illustrationer til forestillingen Woah


Fuglsang Manor House, Lolland

Griffen, Copenhagen N

23 Copenhagen, Copenhagen N

Thiemers Boghandel, Copenhagen V

Lanterne Rouge, Copenhagen K

Gallery Caroli, Malmo, Sverige

Trapholdt GrafikFestival, Kolding

Socialpædagogerne, Copenhagen K

Vinoble, Copenhagen K


Design School's Christmas Market: 2009-2014

Finderskeepers: 2011 - 2014 (Aarhus)

Trapholdt GrafikFestival 2015

Flid 2016 - 2017

Absalon Salon 2018
Bernstorff Slot  2018